Interior polished concrete floors have become vogue in the last few years due to its hard resistant material and a new concept of design. They’re also easy to make, are highly durable and affordable for most households than having exposed aggregate. Due to the rise in demand, it calls on those to then have to maintain and keep them in pristine condition. So here is why you need to polish your interior concrete floors.

What is a polished concrete floor?

An interior polished concrete floor is a floor of old and new concrete that has been grinded and polished. Through this process, interior polished concrete floors will become protected, incredibly dense, smooth to the touch and aesthetically pleasing. They will not require any coating or other finish as they will be able to withstand the heaviest of footsteps and movement.

What is the process an interior polished concrete floor undergoes?

An interior polished concrete floorundergoes a series of diamond grinding using fine grit sizes, each time getting finer. A liquid densifier and a deep penetrating invisible sealer is then used. A final polish and buff is the next step.

What are the benefits of interior polished concrete floor?

The results are unparalleled. Interior polished concrete floors areglossy and durable, up to 10 times stronger and resistant than standard exposed aggregate concrete floors. They are resilient to water, chemicals, oils, food and beverage stains, grease, wear and tear, fatty goods and heat-related scrapes. More :

Interior polished concrete floorsare also odorless and more environmentally friendly than other buffing applications. They are also cost effective and take less time than urethane or polyurethane coatings.

Interior polished concrete floors can also be excellent for radiant floor heating as it works best when carpets or tiles are used less. Interior polished concrete floors are also suitable alternatives for those with allergies to carpet substances and fibers.

How much can I expect to pay for interior polished concrete flooring?

Grind and Seal,a concrete driveway company in Melbourne, say an high-end quote forinterior polished concrete floors will be $100-120 AUD per meters squared, plus government state tax. You can also opt for their cheaperinterior polished concrete flooring for $75-100 AUD.

Where else can I have interior polished concrete floor?

You may want to haveinterior polished concrete floorin your kitchen, dining room or living space to create a wow factor. You can also have a concrete driveway in Melbourne. Decorative cementing and interior polished concrete floors can even prove fruitful in a commercial building, giving the place a new fresh look.


Interior polished concrete floors are an excellent way to spruce up old looking floor, add more value to a property and is cost effective over a long period of time. Though initial costs are not the cheapest, if you invest well and get an expert to help, you will not regret the end result. More details.

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