A beautifully constructed cement driveway can increase the esthetic value of your property and increase the property value. But people of Brisbane have various other options including asphalt to construct their driveways as well. However, the most important factor can be the right paving material. Both concrete and asphalt driveways are made of gravel and sand, they still differ in many ways and this difference can cause people to select either of the material to build your driveway.visit http://www.designerpremix.com.au/enviromentally-friendly-alternative environmental friendly driveway alternative.

One needs to consider various factors in order to select either concrete or asphalt material in order to build your driveways.

Concrete Vs. Asphalt:

Concrete Vs. Asphalt:

Budget Constraints

If you are bothered about spending too much money or have budget constraints then you should go for asphalt driveway. Initial installation of asphalt is quite economical than concrete driveways in Brisbane. Asphalt value depends on the crude oil prices and can cost depending upon various finishes. Polished concrete costs even more as compared to the ordinary concrete driveways.


Asphalt is suitable for cold weather conditions while in hot weather conditions, concrete is more suitable. Decorative concrete can use either cement or asphalt based on various weather conditions. Concrete can cause cracks during cold seasons. If you use salt for melting snow this can cause pits in the concrete driveways. On the contrary, if it is too hot, then the tar from the asphalt driveway can melt and deform your driveway.Click here to read more information about heated driveways.


The look and feel of driveways strongly depend on the individual taste. In urban areas of Brisbane, people definitely prefer polished concrete and smooth asphalt surfaces. So, depending upon various other factors they decide which method could be the best for having their driveway built. Most people prefer concrete driveways as their decorative nature looks much more appealing to the viewers.


Initial installation of asphalt is much cheaper as compared to the concrete driveways. The main reason behind this is that asphalt is commonly used in most of the Brisbane residencial areas. Asphalt driveways need to be resealed every 5 years else there is a huge risk of damaging the surface and the entire driveway would have to be replaced in such cases. Besides this, asphalt driveways need to replaced every 10 years as compared to the concrete driveways.


From various research conducted, concrete driveways are much more durable as compared to the ones built using asphalt. Concrete driveways can last almost up to 50 years or so. However, with good maintenance, you can try to improve the shelf life of asphalt driveways but comparatively it is much lesser durable to the cement driveways.

It is ultimately up to the Brisbane residents to choose which option they would like to go for their driveways. Considering various factors mentioned above, make your right choose to select either concrete driveway or asphalt. Overall, a driveway can be treated as an enhancement and a great investment on your property. This would definitely improve the worth of your home. However, make sure that you contact the right contractor to get the right opinion which works for you.


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